::::: Paramount Couriers :::::
Shipper's Letter of Instructions

We, M/s _______________________ situated at _____________________ have tendered _________________ number of packages of _________________ weight to M/s Paramount Couriers for clearance against Regular Shipping Bill of Exports, under Airway Bill Number _____________________.

We confirm that we have handed over :

a. 6 copies of Export Invoice
b. 6 copies of Packing List
c. SDF Form in duplicate duly filled in, signed and stamped
d. Quota Visa in original
e. Quota Charge Statement (in case of Garments/Fabrics to USA)
f. Single/Multiple Country Declaration duly filled in, signed and stamped (in case of Garments/Fabrics to USA)
g. Negative Declaration duly filled in, signed and stamped (in case of Silk Items to the USA of over 70% silk)
h. TSCA certificate
i. AR4 Form/Gate Pass

We confirm that we are registered with CUSTOMS EDI DEPARTMENT AT BOMBAY/

We are not registered with Customs EDI Department at BOMBAY and attach herewith :

a. Original IEC Certificate
b. Annexure A Form duly filled in, signed and stamped

We require ______________________ type of Shipping Bill to be filed.

In case of Drawback Shipping Bill :

a. Our Account Number with SBI, ACC, Mumbai is _________________________________

b. We are attaching herewith Annexure B Form, Appendix III Form and Appendix IV Form.

c. Modvat Declaration (if applicable)

In case of DEEC/DEPB Shipping Bills, we are attaching herewith the following documents;




We certify that the Consignment is to be forwarded on FOB/CIF/C&F basis - if CIF/C&F we confirm having stated Freight/Insurance break-up separately on the Invoice.

We confirm that our Bankers are _______________________________________________

The AUTHORISED DEALER CODE of our Bankers is _______________________________

Our Account Number with the Bank where the Foreign Exchange proceeds are to be remitted is _____________________

All further correspondence as regards this shipment, if any, is to be done with the below-mentioned in our Company :

1.Name :______________________________ /Designation :________________________

2.Name :_____________________________ /Designation :_________________________

At Telephone Numbers : _______________________________________________ and/or

Fax Numbers: ________________________



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