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Shipping Bill No. ___________________ Date :____________

Declaration under Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973 :

1. I/We hereby declare that I/We am/are the *SELLER / CONSIGNOR of the goods in respect of which this declaration is made and that the particulars given in the Shipping Bill no ______________ dated ________________are true and that,

a)* The value as contracted with the buyer is same as the full export value in the above shipping bills.

b)* The full export value of the goods are not ascertainable at the time of export and that the value declared is that which I/We, having regard to the prevailing market coniditions, accept to receive on the sale of goods in the overseas market.

2. I/We undertake that I/We will deliver to the bank named herein _______________ the foreign exchange representing the full export value of the goods on or before @ ___________________ in the manner prescribed in Rule 9 of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Rules, 1974.

3. I/We further declare that I/We am/are resident in India and I/We have place of Business in India.

4. I./We am/are Or am/are not in Caution list of the Reserve Bank of India.

Date : -


(Signature of Exporter )




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